Wunderlich (ワンダーリッヒ): Micro Flooter Zyklop Auxiliary Light - Silver | 32970-001

品番:32970-001 / W32970-001

See and be seen properly with these carefully positioned and attractive auxiliary lights.

Perfectly adjusted, the
auxiliary lights complement the dipped beam headlight in an impressive way, do not blind the traffic on the other
side of the road and give an imposing appearance.

For the S we took a completely different route because it was our opinion that classical auxiliary headlights would
have ruined its sporty character.

However, the original S was in urgent need of better illumination.

The original headlights make night riding unsafe at best and rule out any kind of “sportier” ride.

This headlight (the smallest certified auxiliary lights) with flanking reflector is hardly visible when switched off.

When switched on, this directionally adaptive headlight is a revelation for S riders.

It provides even illumination and is an impressive complement to the original

The S benefits from a soft light transition and excellent illumination of the roadside from an effective cornering light.

The very light yet intricately-constructed housing has a built-in protective visor so as not to dazzle the rider.

Laser-cut, anodised bracket kit, complete headlight unit (plastic coated), including H3 bulb, relay, wiring tailored to the S, switch and easy-to-read fitting instructions.

E-certified (no registration etc.

required)* * The lamps are road legal “E” approved in Germany.

Please check the law regarding additional lights in your country.