TOURATECH(ツラーテック):ZEGA Mundo アルミパニアシステム【アルミ無塗装】 38L+45L (ブラックフレーム) BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adventure/ R1200GS (2013-)/ R1200GS Adventure (2014-)

・ZEGA Mundoケース左右と専用パニアフレームのセットです。取り付けに必要な部品はすべて付属しますが、施錠のためのキーシリンダーは別売り(01-050-0874-0)になります。
 ZEGA Mundoケースは表面の仕上げは無垢のアルミ仕上げのみ。容量は31、38、45Lの三種類から、パニアフレームは電解研磨仕上げの「ステンレス」とブラックエポキシ樹脂コーティングの「ブラック」の二種類から、それぞれお選びいただけます。外観のイメージや使い勝手、車幅によって自由にコーディネイトしていただけます。

 本セットはZEAG Mundoケース」の「38L+45L」ケース、パニアフレームは「ブラック」の組み合わせになります。個別の詳細につきましては下記リンクから製品紹介ページへお移りください。

・ZEGA Proケースとパニアフレームのセット品番




・ZEAG Mundoケース38L

・ZEAG Mundoケース45L






ZEGA Mundoパニアケース左右とパニアラックのセット商品です。




A robust and nicely designed aluminium case that handles all assignments, ranging from everyday to adventure, with flying colours. The ZEGA Mundo follows the tradition of the legendary ZEGA Case.

With the ZEGA Mundo case system, we offer you a luggage solution for extreme applications backed by 25 year's of experience and thousands of test kilometres. Our ZEGA case systems are designed and adapted to the specific type of motorcycle and manufactured in Niedereschach, Germany, after thorough quality checks.

Delivery schedule of the system:
1 x aluminium pannier ZEGA Mundo 38 litres
1 x aluminium pannier ZEGA Mundo 45 litres
1 x pannier rack Black including mounting hardware


Benefits at a glance:
- waterproof, dust-proof and high quality manufacturing
- lightweight yet robust construction
- developed specifically for your motorcycle model
- pannier frame is screwed to existing mounting points
- quick installation
- absolutely backlash-free mounting of cases, even after thousands of kilometres on the track
- designed for extreme use
- elegant integration into overall look
- automatic locking prevents accidental opening of the locks
- compatible with ZEGA accessories

In addition to the ZEGA Pro and the ZEGA Pro2 case systems we, of course, also offer the ZEGA Mundo case systems specifically for your motorcycle. The reasons in favour of this system are as varied as our customers. Some appreciate the authentic, clear look of the legendary ZEGA cases reflected by the ZEGA Mundo. For others, the ZEGA Mundo case system is the entry level to high quality hard luggage solutions. Common to them all, is their desire to have a case system which fits the corresponding type of motorcycle, is of premium quality manufacturing and which operates free of problems even under duress. 
Of course, we also made sure that our ZEGA Pro case accessories are also compatible with the ZEGA Mundo. As all our products are standardised, it is possible to interchange individual parts without difficulty. You can also extend this system for different uses by adding ZEGA Mundo cases of other sizes as well as ZEGA Pro or ZEGA Pro2 cases.

- body made of 1.5 mm thick aluminium
- designed for extreme use
- available with 31, 38 or 45 litres volume
- proven high quality, lockable stainless steel fittings
- ergonomically designed mounting wheels inside the cases
- tight and warp-resistant
- backlash-free fit, even after thousands of kilometres on the track
- quick installation
- automatic locking prevents accidental opening of the locks
- built-in locks can be retrofitted easily
- compatible with ZEGA accessories
- made in EU

The development of the Zega Mundo focused one hundred percent on pure functionality. Practical suitability, robustness and technically clean design are all united in this aluminium case.
To obtain joins with maximum strength, the indestructible body is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminium sheeting and joined to the base, which is drawn from a single piece of aluminium, with special rivets. This concept conveys the case with a solid plus in terms of rigidity. In addition, an integrated very generously dimensioned sealing band provides optimal tightness of the seam.
The same applies to the specially formed profile which forms the upper part of the case body. It reinforces the case and the integrated sealing lip, which fits the lid profile with absolute precision, ensures completely weatherproof closure.

Pannier frame:
- made of stainless steel 18 mm round tube
- additional cross-bar for greater stability
- suitable for tough off-road use
- also suitable for all ZEGA Pro and ZEGA Pro2 cases
- uses existing mounting points<