NATIONAL CYCLE windshield VStream , | 115023

Article code:115023
Dimension: 50 x 40 cm (height x width)
Rising: "12 cm"
Material: Lexan® polycarbonate Quantum coated
Finish: grey tinted (transparent)
Thread: M8
Led: 12V/1,8W
Homologation: ABE
Homologation number:e3 1213 (9) / e24 00060G

Important Notes: Delivered without catalyser. Backfitting-catalyser Ø 52 mm item no. 65284050B (see accessories below).

Photo shows item on Kawasaki Z1000.

Technologically unique: The patented V-shape of the NATIONAL CYCLE windshield VStream increases aerodynamics and windbreak while minimising noise. This 4,5 to 6 mm strong Quantum coated high-tech Lexan® polycarbonate touring screen is ten times more scratch-resistant and twice as much break-proof and UV-resistant than high impact acrylic. With ABE.

Delivery includes additional adapter for left-hand thread.

ready to mount (all parts supplied)
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