NATIONAL CYCLE windshield Ranger Heavy Duty , | 111075

M 800 INTRUDER (2005-2009)

Article code:111075
Dimension: 41,3 x 42 cm (height top of spotlight x width)
Rising: "10 cm"
Material: Lexan® polycarbonate Quantum coated
Finish: clear
Thread: M8x1,25 ca. 18 mm
Led: 12V/1,1W
Homologation: ABE
Homologation number:e3 1171 (5)(9)

Important Notes: Delivered without catalyser. No backfitting possible. This item is also available in a version with cat (marked on the item name).

Photo shows item on Suzuki VZ 1600 Maurauder.

The NATIONAL CYCLE Windshield Ranger Heavy Duty is the plainest version of an US chopper windshield: Slim line, protecting but compact height and high gloss chrome-plated steel carrier. This 4 mm strong Quantum coated high-tech Lexan® polycarbonate windshield in OEM quality is ten times more scratch-resistant and twice as much break-proof and UV-resistant than high impact acrylic. This high end screen is manufactured in the US, easy to install and absolute custom-fit owing to a type ba
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