GPR HONDA Streetcone Titanium CRF 250 M 2013/16 SlipOn | H.237.STTIT


GPR Streetcone Titanium CRF 250 M 2013/16 SlipOn
With Katalyst
With EC approval / test number, approved all across Europe (no entry in vehicle papers required)
Removable dB reduction device/ dB absorber
Stainless steel holding clamps with rubber pad
All parts needed for assembly are included in the delivery content
Similar to image
Weight per silencer = approximately 1,75 kg
Diameter 90 x 120 mm
Silencer made by genuine titanium, end cap made by ergal
linke pipe stainless steel

An authorised dB reduction device is included in the delivery content, courtesy of GPR-Germany. It is attached in the end-cap of the Streetcone Titanium model by means of a srew.

GPR-Germany will also include a funnel-shaped component in addition to the above dB absorber, depending on the model in question. This component is fixed in the silencer inlet, in order to reduce the exhaust noise to the level permitted.

Warning: if the exhaust system is used when participating in public traffic without the dB reduction devices, the authorised approval is no longer valid!

A special racing dB absorber is also available for noise-restricted circuits, which provides an optimal compromise of sound and performance.

In the last two decades, GPR has become increasingly focussed on the construction of motorbike exhaust systems in its headquarter in Italy. Due to extensive high level experience in the metal processing industry, high-end quality materials such as titan, carbon and Inconel are produced alongside stainless steel, using the most precise state of the art procedures. It goes without saying, that many racing teams from all over the world use GPR exhaust systems: GPR has even made it to the MotoGP with Casey Stoner! The experience gained is of course being transferred into series production on a 1:1 basis. This means that you can choose between a range of different GPR silencer models: our extensive collection offers the right GPR exhaust for virtually every motorbike out there today.