TOURATECH(ツラーテック):【MT用】エンジンガード”RALLYE EXTREME”【シルバー】 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin




堅牢性と機能性を重視して、エンジンブロック・オイルフィルタ・オイルクーラーを深刻な被害から守る、エンジンガード”RALLYE EXTREME”
【MT用】 エンジンクラッシュバーと併用できません
  • CRF1000L Adventure Sports モデルには適合しません。
  • 2018年式に適合しております。

With our RALLYE EXTREME engine protector for the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin we combine modern production techniques with a unique design for the best possible protection of the entire engine area of your bike! Under the toughest test conditions, the RALLYE EXTREME engine protector was able to demonstrate its strengths on the winning motorbike at the Hellas Rallye.
The engine protector blends in stylishly with the lines of your motorbike. Thanks to innovative production technology, there are no disturbing welds, which are often considered to be a vulnerable point. The recesses on the underside don't only look good. In the event of the protector having to live up to its name, they provide the shock absorbing and lightweight aluminium with a robust stiffness. And as well as that, the two parallel recesses allow the bike to almost glide over obstacles. In this way, the energy of the impact is effectively dissipated, preventing jamming or snagging.

Decide which of the four variants is right for you!

The RALLYE EXTREME engine protector is designed to withstand really tough use with the lowest possible weight. It fulfils the task of an engine crash bar. Similarly, we have deliberately not gone in for compatibility between the RALLYE EXTREME and the original Honda decorative frame. For the Africa twin with DCT, original Honda decorative frame or the Touratech engine crash bar, please order the RALLYE engine protector.